The Importance of Creating New Content

I thank the people who have graciously taken the time to read my design articles and commented on them. I also apologize to the same for my lack of new content as I have been very busy and have changed my professional direction into motion graphics, animation, and video production. I will be posting more on these topics as well as continuing to write about design as ideas and inspirations come up.

Regardless of the channel you create online, in social media or any other endeavor which has content, it is critically important to set aside time to create fresh posts to ensure your audience, your fans, stay with you and benefit from your expertise, knowledge, and thoughts in your field of endeavor or interest.

How much time between posts is tolerable to an audience? Mine is clearly a terrible example as it’s been a year or two since I put anything here. I’m striving to find time each week to put up something new in Facebook, Twitter and will add this space to the list, as I’ve come to enjoy writing and find I can do it reasonably well. Overall I find companies posting from several times a week to once a month. I would not push it past a month for fresh content and depending upon what industry you are in. I am far from a social media expert but speak only from my personal experience and observations online.

From a professional perspective, maintaining content in social media and marketing efforts is the lifeblood of a business. It can bring in fresh interest and new clients, thus allowing for the growth of a venture.

If anyone wants to add to this or correct me on any point, as always, I welcome the feedback.


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